Best Baby Gifts – for Newborns & Infants 2020

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Baby gifts come in various forms, they can be toys, baby wraps, bodysuits, toddler rockers, and many more. Most parents underestimate that babies are capable of understanding and learn from an item given to them. Children can see, listen, feel, and they want to learn and interact. Gifts that you give infants will arouse their interest as they try to manipulate their features. In that way, it can stimulate your child to have the desire of learning.

The first few years of a toddler’s life is the period when their brains develop pretty fast. You can use this to your advantage by purchasing gifts that will help them develop their learning skills while keeping them safe and comfortable. There is a great variety of baby gifts that will please mom, dad, and the baby, so this review will go through 30 of the best baby gifts for infants.

Top 30 Best Baby Gifts for Newborns & Infants 2020

1. Baby Wrap Carrier All-in-1 Stretchy Baby Wraps

Why we like it: Babies need to get attention and learn during the first few years of their life. This baby wrap puts them in the best position where they can watch your face as you speak.

This baby wrap provides the infant with a chance to be close to your face and learn as you speak. It’s a baby sling that faces forward and it’s designed to help the baby expel wind naturally as you rock your body while the toddler is in the upright position. This wrap also provides the best way for bonding between a new mom and her baby because there is skin to skin contact which stimulates the release of love hormones that increase the production of breast milk. In addition, the baby wrap helps you to nurse while covered in a breathable fabric.

  • It’s ideal if you want both hands to be free.
  • It keeps the baby warm and comfortable as they are close to their mom’s body.
  • The fabric is strong and thick which is ideal for wrap a baby.
  • It’s long-lasting to be used for a much longer period.
  • The size might not be suitable for other people.

2. Cloth Book Baby Gift, Interactive Soft Books for Newborn Babies

Why we like it: This is a great Cloth Book Baby Gift that has stimulating features such as bright colors to keep babies’ attention for longer periods of time.

This cloth book features peek-a-boo flap, a small mirror, and sounds that will keep your child happy. The touch-and-feel textures are there to encourage babies to discover new things. This is an educational toy that will promote various skills including language, reading, communication, imagination, and sensory. Never underestimate the capability of your baby and you can start reading to your infant while they are still in their early years. This book has an eBook that comes with tips that you can use in each development stage. This cloth book which is suitable for a boy or a girl is made of soft polyester, it’s non-toxic, and it’s stitched to make it durable. It also has a carrying handle for easy attaching to a stroller, car seat or even a playpen.

  • This cloth book comes with a fancy box which is perfect if you’re purchasing it as a gift for someone.
  • It has vibrant colors that catch the attention of babies.
  • It has long playtime because of its various features such as a mirror and sounds.
  • The soft texture is ideal for babies.
  • It’s a large book not suitable for small babies.

3. Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker

Why we like it: This infant gift, apart from being used for soothing and comforting a baby, is good for stimulating the baby’s senses.

This Infant-to-Toddler Rocker is smooth and modern, making it suitable for newborn babies and toddlers. It’s a great playing place for your baby because the colorful toys are overhead for entertainment. It has calming vibrations which help to sooth when it’s time for a baby to nap. The toy bar can be removed as the baby grows to make it a toddler rocker. Other features include a three-point restraint to make it secure and a two-position seat recline which you can use to make the baby comfortable. The seat pad is machine washable and dryer safe to make it easy for cleaning.

  • It has enough space for newborns.
  • Easy for parents to rock them when they are soothing babies.
  • It has toys which are engaging.
  • It easily puts babies to sleep when you turn on the vibrations.
  • Not suitable for babies who have started sitting up as they can tip over.
  • Can’t be used for long periods because they are dangerous when babies begin sitting.

4. Marvel Baby Boys’ 5 Pack Bodysuits

Why we like it: These bodysuits are great for infants as they feature the superheroes such as the Incredible Hulk, which will attract toddlers to interact with them.

These bodysuits are made of 60% cotton and 40% fabric making them easy to wash. They come in a package of 5 bodysuits featuring the colorful Avengers superheroes including Spider-man, The Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man, which will attract the baby’s attention. Parents love the onesies helping them enjoy precious moments with their little ones. The bodysuits feature lap shoulder and they have a 3-snap closure that eases the dressing process. If you’re going for Halloween or you just want to dress-up the infant as everyday wear, this is perfect for an infant.

  • They are made from high-quality material.
  • They look great even after washing.
  • They look cute and durable.
  • Parents love the onesies for their little babies.
  • The stitching was done poorly.

5. Premium Hooded Baby Towel

Why we like it: The Premium Hooded Baby Towel has great absorbent fabric which is thick that will quickly keep your baby’s skin dry after a shower. It’s also soft which is good for the little ones to be comfortable.

The towel is made of 600 GSM Organic Bamboo material which makes them soft but durable at the same time. Babies are bound to feel cold after a shower, so this towel will keep them warm as you dress them. It will cover your child’s entire body as it comes with a hood meaning you can be dressing the rest of baby’s body while the head is still in the hood. They are suitable for babies’ skins as they have antibacterial and Hypoallergenic properties because bamboo fiber naturally contains them. This towel features a cute bear which moms love to see. It can be used by both girls and boys including infants and toddlers. It comes with a hanging loop to make it easy for hanging. This also ensures that the towel is not on the floor, helping it to dry quickly. The towel comes with cotton baby bib or gloves to make it a suitable gift for new parents.

  • This towel is amazingly soft and absorbs moisture very well.
  • It’s large enough to be used for many years.
  • It comes in beautiful gift packaging.
  • The trim is sown nicely and it’s sturdy.
  • It’s eco-friendly and hypoallergenic.
  • The pink towels are more peach in color.

6. Boppy Newborn Hello Baby Lounger

Why we like it: This baby lounger is soft and lightweight to give your baby precious moments to relax. It has a recessed interior that cradles an infant leaving you hands-free to do other things.

Here’s is a perfect gift that will keep babies comfortable as their moms get some free moments. It’s designed with a recessed interior great for you to interact with the baby without using your hands. It’s lightweight and it features a sewn handle which is convenient and it ensures that you can carry it easily when you are traveling. The fabric for this pillow is wipeable which means you can wipe off small messes. Plus, it’s machine washable to remove other large messes. This is a great lounger for infants and it can be used when they are awake.

  • It’s a perfect pillow for the newborns to lounge.
  • It’s wipeable and machine washable.
  • It has a recessed interior and sturdy in the right places.
  • It’s a good gift for moms who want hands-free moments.
  • It’s ideal only when a baby is awake.

7. Baby Girl Headbands and Bows

Why we like it: These headbands and bows are adorable and designed to give a modern trend to your baby.

These headbands and bows come in 10 different styles and patterns to ensure that your baby matches to various occasions. The headbands include lace bows, butterfly bows, and suede bows. They are pretty soft and comfortable on babies’ skin making sure that they don’t feel that they don’t even feel that they are wearing the headband. The bands can be stretched to fit the heads of babies and toddler girls. This gives a chance for the babies to keep on wearing them as they grow. These are stretchy nylon bands that fit infants and toddlers of all ages. Each headband set has a display card ready to be presented as a gift to new moms.

  • The headbands are cute perfect for little newborn princes.
  • There is a good amount of stretch for babies to wear for a long time as they grow.
  • They have a good variety of colors and styles.
  • These are high-quality headbands with great value.
  • The bands are soft but they are too small for a toddler to wear them.

8. Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer

Why we like it: Every mom needs this functional basket organizer which is stylish and sleek, and it will keep the nursery tidy.

This Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer is suitable for newborns and toddlers. It comes with 8 external pockets which are ideal places smaller items to make it easy for you to pick them out. The adjustable dividers allow you to select the specific things you want to keep in each compartment. This organizer can be used to keep several items including diapers, wipes, lotion, and books. It’s sturdy and well-built ensuring that it stays in shape even when you haven’t filled it completely. The organizer is also lightweight, can be folded down to help you take it on trips. This is a versatile gift bag which can be customized as your baby grows.

  • It fits well several items and dividers are detachable.
  • It’s sturdy and keeps its shape even when it’s not full.
  • It has thick handles to make it easier for carrying.
  • It’s lightweight making it easier to carry around the house.
  • It can be customized and it can be used years after an infant has ditched diapers.
  • It’s mainly designed to keep diapers infants.

9. VTech Pull and Sing Puppy

Why we like it: This is such a sweet interactive pull and sing puppy that will help develop your child’s senses and language.

The pull and sing puppy helps your kid to have fun while playing with this toy. The music can be activated by pulling its and it will start playing music and sounds. This is a perfect way for children to build their gross motor skills. It features three colorful buttons which help to develop fine motor skills. The sound and music are a great way to attract the little one’s attention. This toy is educational as it introduces numbers, colors and body parts. This is a suitable gift for infants, toddlers as well as preschoolers, who are on the path of discovery and exploration.

  • It glides easily and is a lightweight for kids to pull it along.
  • This is an educational toy with lovely songs and vibrant colors.
  • This is a high-quality and durable product.
  • It’s an entertaining toy that has a long playtime.
  • The string is too thin and short making it difficult to replace it.

10. 3Pcs Baby Boys Little Brother Camouflage Romper

Why we like it: Your baby will love to wear this 3-piece pants and he will look cute as they can be worn all year-round.

These are great pants as they are easy to wear for babies. They are extremely soft which makes them suitable for infants as they are made of 100% cotton. If you have a photography shoot or you want to present it as a gift, these pants are perfect. The package contains a romper, one legging, and a hat, which are skin friendly. They are also comfortable and breathable to suit the delicate and sensitive skin of infants.

  • They are well-made rompers suitable for infants.
  • The outfit is cute which makes it suitable for photography shoots.
  • It holds well in the washing machine.
  • They can be worn all year long.
  • The pants and hats come a bit stiff which is not ideal for babies.
  • They are made from low-quality material which makes it difficult to give it as a present.

11. IWOKA Baby Girls Plaid Ruffle Bowknot Tank

Why we like it: This stylish Plaid Ruffle Bowknot is a great gift for infants because it’s soft, comfortable and leaves your baby looking cute.

The top and denim shorts are suitable for girls aged between 0 and 3 years. The material is made of cotton blend and it’s designed for a photo shoot or baby shower gift. The package comes with 1 piece shirt, 1 piece short pants, and I piece headband. This is perfect for daily wear to make your baby look stunning every day.

  • This is a beautiful outfit which makes a great wear for a photography shoot.
  • The shirts and headbands are made of high-quality material.
  • This is a nice outfit for babies to wear throughout the year.
  • It fits perfectly on the infants.
  • It’s quite tricky to tie the headband.
  • The headband is not elastic, which makes it difficult to tie around the head when it shrinks after washing.

12. COCOSAND Gift Set Navigator Toddler Baby Sunglasses

Why we like it: This sunglasses are good if you intend to spend some time outdoors as they have UV 400 protection for your baby’s eyes.

The sunglasses are suitable for outdoor activities including beach and pool activities or kids can wear them as they are playing in the backyard. They can be used as a fashion accessory and daily wear to make your child look cute. The sunglasses have adjustable straps ensuring that they fit your infant. Cleaning them is made easy as they come with a soft cleaning cloth. A tips card is also included to make sure that you keep the glasses in good condition and, to guide you on how to use and clean them. The beautiful packaging helps you to give them as a gift to your loved ones.

  • The sunglasses are durable and they are a perfect fit for infants.
  • The adjustable straps ensure that the child doesn’t take them off.
  • They are sturdy and have UV protection.
  • They are made of soft material suitable for babies.
  • They can be uncomfortable for some babies.

13. Playgro My First Bead Buddies Giraffe

Why we like it: This Bead Buddy Giraffe helps infants to discover their sensory skills and to develop the fine motor skills while grasping it.

This toy features brightly colored rattle beads and produces click-clack sounds that help to stimulate infants hearing senses. The rattling sounds also encourage the children to have more fun as they grip and shake it vigorously. It’s made of a mix of fabrics to promote tactile development. It’s easy to hold and the toy has soft and silky fabrics which are skin-friendly to your baby. For babies who are teething, the textured click-clack beads are great for soothing the sore gums.

  • The soft click-clack sounds keep the babies entertained for hours.
  • The parts are easy to hold and grab for small hands.
  • It makes nice sounds which attract the attention of infants.
  • It’s a colorful and beautiful toy.
  • It can be torn apart by babies who like to put toys in their mouths.
  • The rings can easily peel off when used by teething babies.

14. Easter Gifts Baby Dolls Girl Gifts

Why we like it: This is a great doll for infants, toddlers or even teen girls who enjoy having a playful time with it. It has high-quality fabric which is good to hug as they are sleeping.

This doll is engaging as it has good size and weight for babies to easily hold and grab it. They can play with the doll as they are traveling. It’s made of environmentally-friendly material and can be washed to keep it clean. Children can have a lot of engagement with the toy as they learn how to care for it by bathing and dressing this cute little toy. The bunny long ear can be curved to encourage more fun playing with it. This doll is a perfect gift for new moms and you can give them on memorial days such as Mother’s Day. It also makes as a suitable collectible for those infatuated with collecting toys.

  • It’s durable and it can withstand several times of washing.
  • This is a beautiful doll and it’s soft for infants.
  • It comes with an adorable gift bag to make it easy to give someone.
  • It offers a long period of playtime as children love it.
  • The words written on the packaging are not inspiring.

15. Baby Backseat Mirror for Car

Why we like it: This Baby Backseat Mirror is easy to install a mirror to ensure that your baby is always secure while driving in your car.

The backseat mirror is designed for parents who drive while their infants are in the car. This is suitable for checking how your little is fairing in the back of your car. The crying and loud baby sounds can be stressing and the mirror helps you to see exactly what is happening to your baby. Apart from helping you to keep a check on the baby, the mirrors are there to develop the infant’s cognitive skills and self-awareness. The Baby Backseat Mirror is made of shatterproof glass to give you peace of mind as you’re driving. It also has a double strap system to make sure that the child is securely fastened to the headrest. This mirror will give you comfort knowing that your child is secure as you’re driving.

  • The mirror is made of high-quality glass and is very clear.
  • It’s easy to install the mirror and can be angled in any direction.
  • It’s a large mirror which makes it easier to check on the baby.
  • It catches the attention of babies because they can see their own reflection in the mirror.
  • It needs only cars that have headrests that can be pushed up and down.

16. Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether

Why we like it: This is a gift for infants as it introduces them to brushing teeth at an early phase of their lives. It soothes their sore gums when they are teething.

This toothbrush is made up of soft silicone bristles which ensure that it’s gentle on the gums and prevents the mouth injuries. It has peeling handles which are easy for little hands to hold. They are available in a variety of colors to give the parents good options for their babies. It’s BPA free and it doesn’t contain latex or phthalate. The Baby Banana Infant Toothbrush is designed for babies aged up to 12 months old. It’s also dishwasher and freezer friendly.

  • This is an excellent teether and it’s easy for an infant to hold.
  • It’s made of durable material and comes in good sizes perfect for babies.
  • The bright yellow color gets the attention of infants.
  • Babies love the feeling of the silicon in their mouths.
  • The bristles are made of rubber which cannot remove plaque.
  • The silicon part can come off presenting a choking threat to infants.

17. Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

Why we like it: This is an excellent gift for babies who are learning to sit as it holds them in an upright position. It has toys which they can play with to help them develop their gross motor skills.

This floor seat is soft but durable meaning it will last for a long time. The cushy seat pad provides the infants with a comfortable seat as they explore the environment. It features a wide and sturdy base ensuring that the child is always comfortable and well supported. They can play with the two cute toys to improve their gross motor skills. The seat has a turtle spinner that has a side mirror as well as fun clackers. You can fold it flat to fit it in storage space. It comes with a handle making it easy to carry when you are traveling. Cleanup is easy because you can remove the seat pad and wash it in the machine.

  • It’s suitable for infants to fine-tune their gross motor skills.
  • It’s good for babies who are trying to hold their heads up as it supports them to sit upright.
  • It’s easy to assemble and disassemble the seat.
  • It can be used as a high chair to feed the little one.
  • It doesn’t disassemble to put it back in the packaging box for returns.

18. Pacifier Clip – 2 in 1

Why we like it: This is a unique pacifier clip that attached to the baby’s clothing so that it can be within easy reach. The chewy beads help to develop visual and sensory senses while developing gross motor skills.

The Pacifier Clip has several beads that sooth the sore gums and massages the teething hums. If you’re tired of losing pacifiers, you can use its clip to attach to several of the baby’s items including clothes, blankets, teething toys, strollers, and drool bibs. This will ensure that you don’t have to purchase a new pacifier every time it’s lost. The pacifier is easy to open and close but it’s difficult to pull it off. It’s BPA free and it doesn’t have PVC, phthalate, lead, or metals. This is an easy to clean clip, you can use pacifier wipes which are far much better sanitary-wise than the cotton strap pacifiers. It has silicone beads which are food grade and they don’t have bad taste or smell.

  • It has an adorable design with smooth beads that are well-attached.
  • It’s a great gift for infants who are teething as they love chewing it.
  • The clip holds well and it has a reasonable length.
  • It’s easy to hold in the baby’s small hands.
  • Babies can sometimes figure out how to get off the little ribbon.
  • The fastener quickly gets dirty as it’s made of silky white material.

19. Baby Teething Toys

Why we like it: This Baby Teething Toy is a unisex gift set which attaches to the universal pacifier adapter. It’s functional and it has a trendy design.

This toy doesn’t emit any odor and is safe for infants and newborns from the ages of 0. It’s made of silicon which is soft to provide relief on the baby’s sore gums. The Baby Teething Toys are free from several elements including BPA, PVC, and Phthalates. You don’t have to worry your baby dropping this toy on the dirty ground as it has a clip which can be attached to the universal pacifier adapter. The elephant teether can also be fastened to the other soothers, baby’s clothing, car seat strap or baby teething toys. This teether features rubber beads that babies grab helping them to learn how to interact. Children enjoy exploring things, so this set of teething toy gifts are made of food grade silicone rubber, it can bend and you can freeze it. It’s machine washable to make the cleaning process easy.

  • This is a cute elephant teether which is pleasing to the new moms.
  • It comes with a clip to make it easy to keep near to the infant.
  • It comes in nice packaging.
  • It’s soft but durable and it’s well-designed.
  • It’s quite expensive for a teether.

20. Johnson’s Tiny Traveler Baby Gift Set

Why we like it: This is a great gift that each baby deserves to have for the best care on the sensitive skin. It has the essentials that can be readily taken as you’re traveling.

This gift set provides you with a chance to have on-the-go infant essentials with a small enough clutch to carry when you are traveling. The travel clutch will ensure that you don’t forget some of the items that your baby might need. It comes with lots of items including 4 baby bath and skin care products, bedtime lotion, diaper rash relief, and body wash and shampoo to keep our baby comfortable. The travel clutch is cleanable as you can simply wipe it clean, this will make sure that it’s always in good condition. The clutch is designed to resist splashes making it great for any messy situations. The products included in the travel bag are TSA compliant and they are hypoallergenic.

  • The products are packaged in decently-sized bottles.
  • The set comes with valuable baby essentials.
  • The products are effective on the infants.
  • They come in a small travel bag which is easy to carry.
  • It’s hard to pour out the liquid from the bottles.

21. 4 Pack Baby Spoons

Why we like it: A spoon is one of the items that babies try to hold, especially when moms are feeding them. This shallow spoon set is good for infants as they get to learn to hold and grasp objects.

This set of spoons come in the right size to fit in the baby’s mouth. Babies have a chance to learn bite and chew food with the spoons. They are designed with a long and non-slip handle to make them comfortable to hold and position as they are feeding. The set consists of food grade silicone which resists dirt and is hypoallergenic. Your baby will be safe because they are BPA, lead, latex as well as Phthalate free. It’s easy to clean them as they are dishwasher safe making it easy to remove oils. The spoons are soft on the gums and teeth.

  • The spoon set is good for babies who are teething as they are soft.
  • They come in great sizes and shapes.
  • They come with travel 2 cases which for 2 spoons each.
  • They have bright colors and are easy to clean.
  • They stain when used on certain foods.

22. VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

Why we like it: This toy helps infants learn the language, cognitive, social and emotional skills while playing and is suitable for infants aged between 6 months to 3 years.

This toy has 5 sides of play that will attract infants to explore and discover. It features 4 light up buttons that play animal sounds and shapes and animal names. That will keep your child engaged for a long time. The activity cube is a pre-k learning toy that has 14 interactive features that will help infants and toddler develop fine motor skills and it encourages babies to sit up to play. It also attracts their attention and promotes crawling because it has funny sounds. Babies are set to get engaged by the 25 playful songs and melodies. This baby gift is BPA free, has adjustable volume, and it has auto shut-off.

  • The songs and melodies will keep babies entertained for hours.
  • It is an educational toy that teaches a lot of skills such as fine motor and cognitive skills.
  • It encourages babies to sit up and play with it.
  • This is a high-quality and high-tech toy.
  • The music is not good and it keeps making sounds for some time after playing with it.

23. LED Nursery Night Lights for Kids

Why we like it: This light is excellent for infants as they learn to adjust to the sleeping routines by giving them a sense of security.

The LED Nursery Night Lights support your child throughout the night by providing a gentle and calming glow. Children are bound to be exhausted after a long day of play, so LumiPet soother nightlights ensure an infant is safely resting in their bed or crib. The lights are cordless and you can use the micro USB outlet plug to charge the batteries. The lamps can be controlled by pressing the buttons on the pet shaped lamp. This turns the lights from white to a variety of 8 colors to give your child an amazing sight. The light is also a focus of attention in the dark for your child, which will comfort them to sleep or it encourages them to get to sleep if they were not willing to. The lamps are lightweight and kids enjoy carrying them around the home providing them comfort and security. They are non-toxic, the silicone material is washable, and are remotely controlled.

  • The lights don’t get hot and the battery lasts long.
  • It’s easy to use by pressing the buttons.
  • It has a remote control preventing you from engaging the bunny every time you want to use it.
  • It’s lightweight and babies love carrying it.
  • It has some design problems such as the quality of light.
  • The USB charging port is on the bottom of the bunny, so charging for longer use you have to tip it over to plug in.

24. VTech Baby Babble & Rattle Microphone

Why we like it: This babble and rattle microphone is an educational toy that builds motor skills and it helps your child to learn singing songs.

The toy microphone amplifies your infant’s voice and when you shake it, it produces fun sounds and phrases. These activities help your child to develop a variety of skills such as motor, language, cognitive, social, and emotional skills. It features a puppy button that promotes children to sing along. There is nothing better in life than hearing your child trying to sing for the first time. This toy will be a good gift to your child as it will help them in this important development phase. There are more than 60 songs, melodies sounds, and even phrases to give your child a long playtime. The ring introduces twelve different types of animals and their sounds.

  • It has a variety of features including a spinning wheel that has animal pictures.
  • Babies love it as it keeps them entertained with lovely songs and different animal sounds.
  • It’s made of high-quality material.
  • It helps children develop a variety of skills including language.
  • It doesn’t have a different volume setting apart from the one to switch it on and off.

25. Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

Why we like it: This is an educational toy that will inspire creativity and interaction as it helps your child to learn how sounds combine to make 8 Mozart compositions.

This gift toy is good for kids of all ages who will learn how to compose their own songs. It has several sound features including harp, piano, flute, French horn, and violin. The button is installed to play all the instruments including the 8 Mozart songs. Babies get engaged by the sides which light up as the music is playing. It has bright colors such as yellow, green, and purple which will catch their attention. This is a perfect gift for boys and girls of all ages who can learn how to sing to keep you entertained.

  • It’s an engaging and interactive toy that will provide lots of playtimes.
  • It encourages babies to sit up and play with it.
  • It comes with a volume button to manage the listening level.
  • It’s made up of high-quality material.
  • It’s prone to malfunction if not handled properly.

26. Fisher-Price Rattle and Rock Maracas

Why we like it: This is a fun and engaging toy that will encourage babies to hold it and learn gross motor skills.

There is something about a rattle that attracts them, and it has been there for hundreds of years. The toy comes with 2 maracas and is suitable for babies aged 3 months and above. It’s perfectly sized to fit the small hands of your baby. It’s easy to grasp and shake it, all these activities ensure that your infant is developing their gross motor skills. The toy is made up of soft material pom-poms which are in a variety of colors to attract their attention. The pom-pom is also in various textures which will encourage your child to feel it. It’s designed with different textures to stimulate your infant’s senses.

  • It’s an engaging toy and children love to rattle it.
  • Perfect size for small hands to grasp and shake.
  • The movements help to develop a baby’s motor skills.
  • It’s made up of high-quality material and it’s soft.
  • The sounds it makes are not that of a maraca.

27. Bright Starts Snuggle & Teethe Toy

Why we like it: This teether is not only great for soothing your baby’s sore gums, but it has a giraffe and elephant characters to engage the little ones.

This toy is made up of high-quality material that is soft to ensure your baby’s mouth is not injured. The pattern and wrinkle bellies help your child explore their texture which also assists in soothing the gums. It’s suitable for babies aged between 0 and 36 months. The toy has an assortment of characters which could be either a giraffe or an elephant. To clean it, you just have to use a damp cloth and wipe the top with a mild soap.

  • It’s made up of high-quality material and it’s soft.
  • It’s an entertaining toy that also promotes learning in babies.
  • It has a soft crinkly part which babies love.
  • It’s lightweight which is easy to carry.
  • The purple dye comes out once you soak the giraffe or elephant characters in water.

28. Splashin’kids Inflatable Tummy Time Premium Water mat

Why we like it: This is a great mat which stimulates babies development as they learn hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and social skills.

The water splash play mat is made up of heavy-duty PVC and it doesn’t leak water or air. Babies love to play on it as they develop several skills and it enhances muscle development including neck and shoulder muscles. It has attractive graphics that will catch the eyes of your baby. The bright colors and beautiful toys will encourage the baby to play with them. This water pad provides long hours of play while stimulating brain development. The fun starts by simply filling an outer ring with air and the inner pad with water. It’s easy to fold it when empty and it can fit into the toy bag to take it when traveling. This mat is suitable for babies of 3 months and above.

  • It’s a huge attraction to babies who are fascinated by its graphics.
  • It comes with easy instructions.
  • It’s a high-quality product made from durable material.
  • It’s a sturdy product.
  • There is a strong chemical smell once you open the package.

29. Woby Musical Flapping Yellow Duck

Why we like it: This is a fabulous toy for babies to develop their musical intelligence and gross and fine motor skills as they are interacting with it.

The yellow duck has a flashing lamp that will help your baby to develop their visual abilities. It’s great for keeping infants happy as they imitate the dancing styles of the duck toy. Children love to chase the toy helping them to develop motor skills. It has several features including songs which enhance the baby’s hearing. The animal sounds can teach and increase your baby’s knowledge and the color design will attract the attention of infants improving cognitive skills. This toy is sturdy and durable providing long hours of fun and play. It’s suitable for babies aged 18 months and above.

  • It has several features to keep babies engaged and playing for a long time.
  • It’s a great educational toy with a lot of buttons to play with.
  • It’s made up of durable material.
  • It’s a smart toy that will turn around when it encounters an obstacle.
  • It’s quite small for babies aged 18 months and above.

30. Fisher-Price Taco Tuesday Gift Set

Why we like it: This is ideal for babies as it contains various textures that stimulate tactile senses and helps to develop a baby’s hearing skills.

The gift set has three varieties of sensory toys, each contributing to the sensory fun. It has a crinkle shell, soft lettuce, and it also comes with tomato, ribbon, and cheese teethers. The avocado rattle features a textured peel which looks like the real one and a spinning rollerball seed that will provide plenty of fun to your baby as they shake it. It produces sounds that will develop the hearing and thinking skills for your infant.

  • This is an educational toy that teaches infants how to play with toys.
  • It’s sturdy and durable.
  • It’s well-made and babies like chewing it.
  • It’s a cute toy suitable for infants.
  • It doesn’t have several wings to increase playtime.

The Verdict

These baby gifts are important as they are fun and educational. They have got features which are often aimed at drawing the baby’s attention and they also help to enhance the development of your infant’s learning skills. If you’re interested in facilitating your child’s smooth transition, then you have no choice but to purchase the best baby gifts for infants reviewed above.

The transition in your infant’s development is always a gradual process that requires perfection in the tools you use. So, the factors which have been discussed should be considered when deciding what gift to purchase for an infant. You and your infant are bound to achieve the set goals focused on your baby’s development.